How Social Media Can Lead To Impulse Buying

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By Adriana Notton

Today, more people than ever are choosing to shop for products and services online. The result has been an increase in online impulse buying. The rise of impulse buying on the internet is due to a number of shopping features such as easy access, the availability of many more items, use of credit cards, and the success of marketing promotions and direct marketing. Businesses are now using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to market their products.. Businesses have been able to convince consumers to make more impulse purchases and therefore, increase their online spending.

With the astounding popularity of social media sites such as Facebook where there are about five hundred million users, businesses now have another way to interact directly with potential customers to promote their products and services and this interaction can reach millions of online users. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets make it easy for business marketers to track consumer preferences, behavior, and trends, which allow them to directly target users and offer products and services they specifically want. As well, their marketing strategy includes offering special deals to further encourage impulse buying.

When utilizing social media to reach online users, marketers have the ability to schedule specific campaigns when specific products are selling well. Since social media trends are changing all of the time, businesses can track the emerging trends, which give them the ability to launch promotions that will enable them to more successfully sell their product or service.

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Now, social media sites are offering easy shopping access. Companies are developing promotional tools to take advantage of impulse buying from the social media page or through user mobile devices. Companies are now beginning to provide a way for users to buy their products direct from the social media page and social media sites are implementing better filters which mean the targeted customer can be reached much more easily. As well, because social media is now moving into the mobile world, marketers can reach consumers wherever they are and at anytime of the day and night.

Now, as more and more consumers are sent sales and support information and get updates from social media, businesses can effectively tailor marketing campaigns based on their distinct shopping habits and preferences. Many analysts believe in the near future, social media pages will no longer be controlled by the user, but the marketer will control their social media followers and the advertisements and promotions that appear on their social media page.

Social media has changed the way businesses market their products and services. With a few clicks and a credit card, consumers can buy any time from anywhere. The financial implication is there will be an increased rate of impulse buying which will result in more people taking on more debt. Shopping online using social media has become so easy today, the consumer must develop prudent shopping skills to avoid accumulating too much credit card debt that can eventually result in financial ruin.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.

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Former SA Deputy President Appears In Court

Former SA Deputy President Appears In Court
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Former Deputy President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has appeared in a Durban court to face corruption charges. Mr Zuma was dismissed by the President, Thabo Mbeki, earlier in the year, following the conviction on fraud charges of his financial advisor, Schabir Shaik.

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Garuda Indonesia increases flights, fleet; may buy rival

Garuda Indonesia increases flights, fleet; may buy rival
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indonesian state-owned flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has been expanding, with the airline set to add nine new jets to its fleet and double its flights between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Garuda is also considering a bid for defunct rival Linus Airways.

Garuda is expecting the imminent arrival of four new Airbus jets and five new Boeings. The Airbuses, A330-200s, are earmarked to fly international routes to Seoul and Shanghai starting in July. All four have Internet and telephone access for passengers. The Boeings, B737-800 Next Generation aircraft, are due to be in service by the 2010.

Also planned before the year’s end is the increase in flights on the Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur route from one to two per week. “We saw our current load factor[s] have reached 75 percent and even more during school breaks like June and July,” Said the company’s Vice President for Network Oversight, Risnandi. “This is very promising.”

Garuda is now reported to be considering a bid for Linus, who stopped operating on April 27 and have recently been stripped of the rights to fly their former routes as legally required for airlines that do not operate for more than thrity days. Linus still holds some documents of worth to Garuda for transfer to their subisidiary Citilink.

“I heard that Garuda intends to buy Linus who already hold an aviation business license (SIUP) and an air operators certificate (AOC) for the scheduled air services,” said Indonesian Director General of Civil aviation Herry Bakti S. Gumay to reporters for Bisnis Indonesia. He said that his office was in favour of a takeover by Garuda because foreign bids are limited to holding a maximum total of 49% of the shares in Linus.

Linus Airways’ President Directer Indra said that “we are flexible to acquisition, depending on the investor. If someone wants to buy 100% of the shares we can release our shares, but if someone wants take only a majority shareholding with us as a partner – we are also open.” Indra commented that he has had an informal meeting with Garuda CEO Emirsyah Satar but says that they never discussed acquisition by Garuda and that Linus is already in talks with another ‘strategic investor’ with a view to resuming operations.

Two airlines, Riau Airlines and Kartika Airlines, have both launched bids for the ten routes formally operated by Linus, which include four from Jakarta and three from Batam.

Garuda Indonesia’s Financial Direcotr Eddy Purwanto has anounced that US$650 million worth of loans from Bank Mandiri have been restructured. Garuda, who has apointed Rothschild’s as their international financial advisors, will now pay US$450 million by 2015.

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Introducing The Cast Of Tyler Perrys For Better Or Worse}

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Submitted by: Todd A. Smith

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon in Houston, critically acclaimed actress Tasha Smith and Miss USA 2008, Crystle Stewart met with Regal Magazine publisher Todd A. Smith. The discussion centered on the new dramedy Tyler Perrys For Better Worse. Whether you love or hate Perry, according to Smith, you definitely should not put the man in a box, because Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse, which premieres Friday, Nov. 25 with back-to-back episodes at 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM central time is not a show that can easily be placed in a box. It definitely has something for everyone.

Todd: Ms. Tasha Smith

Tasha: Whats up?

Todd: Nothing much. Most of Tyler Perrys shows are sitcoms. How do you think his fans will respond to a more dramatic type of show from Tyler on television?

Tasha: Theyre gonna love it. Theyre absolutely going to love it. And not only are they going to love it, but theyre going to be so proud of this show as Black people. Theyre going to be grateful that Tyler created it, shot it, and made it happen because we need to see ourselves on television. Its not a lot of diversity on TV as it is, so this show is not only great, its funny, its dramatic. It has a beautiful cast, but Im telling you people are going to be proud of this show. If they think its going to be like Meet the Browns or House of Payne, no. Its different. Its unlike anything else on TV to be honest.

Todd: We talked about the lack of diversity and we definitely dont have a lot of diversity on TV. Most of Tyler Perrys fans look like us, but he has a lot of fans, because of the Christian background, that dont look like us. What do you think when you hear people criticize him, for not being as diverse as some of his fans should want him to be?

Tasha: I dont agree with it. Yes, theres a huge urban following, but guess what? A lot of White people come up to me, and say You were in Why Did I Get Married. Tyler Perry has fans across the board because the stories connect to the urban community, but they are universal. Even this television show, Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse, its not just a Black show about Black circumstances. Relationships are universal. Guess what? White people have baby mama drama too. Not just Black people. White people, Asian people, Spanish people have relationship issues. Its not just a Black folks thing. Its a universal thing. Thats whats so wonderful about Tyler. When they think they got his number, he comes back with something on another level.

Todd: Ms. Crystle Stewart.

Crystle: Yes.

Todd: Houston native.

Crystle: Yes, H-Town!

Todd: What can viewers expect from (your character) Leslie?

Crystle: Leslie is the one who looks at the optimistic side. She looks at the glass half full instead of half-empty. (Shes) the peacemaker of the group. Shes very passionate about her relationship. She has a wonderful boyfriend and a great best friend, Angela. And shes very real with them; shes very honest and true. Anytime they need advice they come to her and she gives them the right answer. Even though they might not always wanna hear it, I stay true to them.

Todd: How has your story of perseverance through beauty pageants influenced other people? And how did you make the turn into acting?

Crystle: Ill answer the first one. It took me five times to win Miss Texas and I live by the three Ps, being persistent, persevering and patience, with whatever goal that you have. I call it waiting to win. I think it helps people with whatever goal or dream that you have keep going. You might have some let-downs and fall backs, but God has the perfect timing. When its your time, you will win. And your second question, I won a scholarship to the New York Film Academy and I said let me give this a try. I was never really interested in acting, didnt think I could do it, but I said let me give this a try. So, I did it. The teacher said I did pretty good (and) I thought I did pretty good, so I said lets give it a run. So, right before I graduated, I met Mr. Perry, auditioned for the show, (and) he offered me the role and then I didnt even graduate.

Todd: Angela is a popular character let me say that. My mother wont call you Tasha Smith, she calls you Angela. Angela has a specific personality. How will the character change or grow in Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse?

Tasha: I feel like youre going to see many dimensions of Angela. Because in the movie, you have a certain amount of time to show them, so you usually only see one aspect of their relationship in the movie. As far as the television show is concerned, youre going to see her as a mother. Youre going to see her as a businesswoman. Youre going to see her in her relationship, as far as her friendships are concerned. How she runs her household as woman. When she makes mistakes, how she tries to recover from the mistakes she may have made. Youre not going to just see Angela mad and upset, but you may see the reasons why shes upset. Im sure were going to explore some of her history, as far as her fears, her insecurities, rejection issues, abandonment issues. All those things that make her so reactive and I feel that the audience is going to grow with her and see her journey of growth as a woman, as a wife, as a mother and as a businesswoman.

Todd: What would you say to those critics that think Angela is just a stereotypical Black woman?

Tasha: As a woman, people can honestly say, if theyre honest and look into their relationships and look at the reason why people connect with Angela. Its because shes transparent. Everybody else might hide their flaws and constantly put on their public personawhen theyre dealing with relationships. You have people in marriages right now that are dealing with some major issues at home with their wife, but its just not as transparent to their public. But youre almost like a fly on Angelas wall with her personal friends and her husband. Its not that she just wants to be a loud, Black woman. Yes, shes reactive sometimes because shes passionate. And when youre passionate and youre in love deeply and when you have trust issues, you may end up being reactive. And guess what? Marcus is not no punk. If they really took a good look at their relationship, without judging it, they will see Marcus is a real man. He is patient. He loves Angela like Christ loves the church. You know when they say love suffers long. Love is patient. Its kind. To me, Marcus character shows all those aspects of a true man with his wife. He was willing to make a commitment to her and hes willing to love her through her issues and her flaws. And hes the bigger person. He doesnt have to fly off the handle because shes trippin. But, hes patient in his belief that shes going to get the picture and thats the kind of growth youre going to see with Angela and Marcus. I just feel like people see it the wrong way.

Todd: Crystle, what are your future goals in film and television? In addition to Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse, where do you see your career going?

Crystle: Im just looking at Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse right now. In the future, I would say I have some different goals. I want to be in a film like Ms. Tasha, be on the movie screen. Right now, honestly, Im really focused on the success of Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse and thats what my focus is right now. Five years from now, hopefully Ill have a family; hopefully Ill win an Oscar and all these things that actresses want to have. Hopefully, youll still see me on the television screen with Ms. Tasha Smith doing Tyler Perrys For Better or Worse.

Todd: How has your public speaking background with the pageants and motivational speaking after winning Miss USA, how has that affected your acting?

Crystle: It helped a lot. I learned how to communicate with different types of audiences and you speak to them in different ways. I know Black people normally they go to church, and they want to hear God and they want to hear Scriptures. I know different groups they want a little more humor or something like that. I know how to talk to different types of audiences. With acting, I know how to be more appealing to the audience and speak through the camera and really be more personable. I think I learned that not even in acting school, but through the pageants.

Todd: I want to go back to Marcus and Angela. How similar is Angela and Marcus marriage to your marriage?

Tasha: First of all, my husband wouldnt be going for it. And with Marcus, he is not no punk, I mean Michael Jai. But there are no similarities at all because we dont have that kind of relationship. Thats just not where our marriages are. Not that our marriages are perfect all the time, were human beings. But, were not necessarily going through the stuff that Marcus and Angela are going through. Theyve been married 13 years. Theyve had different circumstances and situations that theyve encountered. But we can pull from other aspects of relationships. And whats interesting, and I dont know if you know this, Michael Jai and I dated. We dated almost 10 years ago and when Tyler brought us together to play the roles in Why Did I Get Married? he had no idea that we had dated. But I think thats where the chemistry comes from with him and I.

Todd: How has your past religiously, going from not having a relationship with the Lord to having a relationship with the Lord affected how you present characters and how you relate to everyday people?

Tasha: Its given me a deeper sense of compassion. And I feel personally as actors, we have to be compassionate towards every character that we choose to take on because its telling a human story, dealing with humanity in real life. Its not for us to judge. I would never judge Angela. I have to understand why shes the way she isHealing comes in when youre moved with compassion. Even when Jesus went out and healed, he was moved by compassion.

Todd: Where are you with the Donna Summer biopic?

Tasha: Donna aint feeling me. Thats my dream but I dont know if thats going to happen.

Todd: Im going to have to call Donna.

Tasha: Yeah, call Donna.

Todd: When all is said Ms. Stewart how do you want to be remembered?

Crystle: Just all the different journeys that God took me through in life. I dont want to forget about the pageants. I think it got me where I am today. So, I want to be remembered as Miss USA 2008. I want to be remembered as, hopefully, a wonderful actress. I also want to be remembered as a God-fearing woman with good morals and values. And hopefully, a good role model to young women.

Todd: Whats up with Why Did I Get Married 3?

Tasha: I dont know. Do you know?

Crystle: We should do one with new friends!

Tasha: All I have to say is you never know what Mr. Perry has up his sleeve.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/AL-KY

Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/AL-KY
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See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Alabama
  • 3 Alaska
  • 4 Arizona
  • 5 Arkansas
  • 6 California
  • 7 Colorado
  • 8 Connecticut
  • 9 Delaware
  • 10 District of Columbia
  • 11 Florida
  • 12 Georgia
  • 13 Hawaii
  • 14 Idaho
  • 15 Illinois
  • 16 Indiana
  • 17 Iowa
  • 18 Kansas
  • 19 Kentucky
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NRA official suggests arming teachers to prevent school shootings

NRA official suggests arming teachers to prevent school shootings
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Friday, March 25, 2005 A lawyer who is expected to become the president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) said in a comment to Associated Press (AP) that arming teachers with firearms is a solution to be considered in preventing school shootings by students. Sarah S. Froman, an alumni of Harvard Law School and a practicing lawyer, implied that allowing teachers to carry weapons is one of the many options that should be examined.

Guns and other weapons are commonly banned on school campuses in the United States, but the high-profile incidents of students defying the bans and bringing firearms to classes could place the school at a disadvantage if the student were to fire the weapon. In the case of the recent student shooting at a Native American reservation in Minnessota the school had metal detectors and had an on-duty security guard. The guard was unarmed, however, and was gunned down by the student.

Froman told the AP that if it is the responsibility of teachers to protect students from harm, then the society must find a way to let teachers do that. She also said that gun control laws or bans cannot prevent a malicious individual from acting out, and provided an example of a 1997 shooting incident where an armed teacher was able to help police apprehend the student.

Froman is currently the NRA’s first vice president, and is expected to be elected to the post of president in the organization’s elections next month. The current president of the 4-million member organization is actor and activist Charlton Heston.

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Tips On How To Save On Your Print Needs}

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Tips on How to Save on Your Print Needs


Robert Johnston

If you want to pay less when printing your marketing collaterals, here are surefire tips you can do to help you save a bundle on your expenses:

Go online.

The most practical way to have your collaterals is to have an online printing company do the job for you. Its a fact that going to an offline shop is far more costly than going online. What with the very expensive overhead expenses one has to maintain an offline printing business, consumers are often shocked when they get their invoices for their print jobs. An online printer is more cost effective as they dont have that much overhead expense, for one thing. For another, they do work on quick turnarounds and can deliver your print requirements wherever you are in the country. The only thing thats a disadvantage is that you need to have an internet connection in order for you to avail of an online printing service.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, when you go online, you can avail of discount codes that can help you save on a broader array of services. Most if not all online printing websites offer these codes which you dont have to manually cut and clip unlike those of the paper version.

Go loco on your logo.

Logos are essential if you want to promote a brand that can be recognized for a long time. Together with your stationery or label printing perhaps, a logo can help keep you in the minds of your target clients. If youre thinking that this would again entail costs, an online printer can provide you with downloadable templates and layouts which you can customize to your business needs. A word of caution though these online design templates are generic and may not be that effective if you intend to promote your own brand. For a minimal fee nonetheless, you can avail of custom logo designs from the same online providers.

Go for digital films.

Digital films are lifesavers if you intend to have many print runs on your collaterals. Not only can you save on your setup costs as you dont need to pay for new films every time; digital films allow you to edit and modify your information that easily and quickly.

Lastly, a very important tip to have when you decide to design your collaterals is to determine and print only those that are necessary to your business needs. Your choice of marketing campaign is based on the type of business you have. Dont print custom stationery just because your competition had one. And dont design notepads just because your doctor, dentist and real estate agent have them. The bottom line is for you to know your needs first before you order your collaterals printed. You can save more if you determine your expenses according to what is important and necessary to your business growth.

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online printing


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Dentist September 14th 2017

Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in Oxford UK

Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in Oxford UK
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

One hundred and twenty detainees at an immigration removal centre in Oxford, UK, are on hunger strike. The protest started when some detainees refused breakfast on Wednesday 14th June 2006. A letter from the hunger strikers explaining why they are seeking to draw attention to their plight in this way has been reproduced in full below.

Those detained at the centre are mostly men who have sought asylum in the UK and whose asylum applications have been rejected. These people are then held without knowing how long they will be detained for – some end up being held for many years while awaiting deportation.

The removal centre, known as Campsfield, or Campsfield House is approximately 5 miles north of Oxford and has been in operation since 1993. It was managed on behalf of the UK Government by Global Solutions Limited, until may 2006 when it was taken on by GEO UK, the centre has a capacity of 198. Only males are detained at Campsfield.

According to the campaign group Barbed Wire Britain Over 2,600 individuals, mostly asylum seekers, are detained indefinitely in the UK without trial and with no automatic right to bail.

There have been reports in the UK press of the state taking people to detention centres without notice, in the early hours of the morning using excessively heavy handed tactics, taking children out of schools and separating families.

Many UK people and politicians express their disgust at the way detainees are treated, yet it continues. Perhaps this action by the detainees themselves will further highlight their plight and result in more UK electors writing to their MPs and demanding improvements to the way in which rejected asylum seekers are treated.

“We are detainees at Campsfield removal centre in Oxford. Most of us have been here for a long while now. There are people who have been detained for up to two years and down to three months. We are cramped in here like animals. We are treated like animals and moved around different detention centres like animals. The immigration service have taken husbands from their families and taken people who ran away from persecution in their various countries, and dumped everyone in here.

Once you are put in here the immigration service forget you. There are detainees who have applied to go back to their own countries that are still being held here for months without any news about their cases, just so that the private security companies get more money.

Detainees are asked to seek asylum and then refused. The immigration service also ask detainees to apply for bail. When you get a bail hearing date all of a sudden they serve you with removal papers that are not valid. There are many of these situations. In most cases the immigration service don’t take you to your court hearings. And then they tell the judges you refused to turn up, just so the hearing goes ahead in your absence. Many detainees have been served with removal papers and travel documents but nothing happens on the removal day.

Campsfield has become a slave house. We detainees are treated like slaves, to do odd jobs for officers. Detainees are handcuffed to see doctors or dentists in hospitals or clinic appointments. We have some racist security officers who make racist comments to detainees and go out of their way to make you feel like committing suicide. Detainees have to be at the point of death before they get to see the doctors.

The food is not worth eating. Even dogs would refuse to eat what we eat. But we don’t have a choice; every single day we eat the same food (the food we eat is rice, chicken, sandwiches, and left-over eggs)”.

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