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Outlook passwords. Details


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Microsoft Outlook always gave me that scary feeling. As far back as yesterday I didn’t a thing about Outlook passwords. I always thought this home usage solution to be pretty hard one when all you need is just a mail client. That’s why I chose Microsoft Outlook Express as a mail client application, contact manager and scheduler.

The first edition appeared in 1997 and known as Microsoft Outlook 97 was aimed at business users and had a lot of corporate features, the coolest one being the integration possibility with Microsoft Exchange Server. That feature extended Microsoft Outlook’s functionability with additional functions for corporate users, as for example, common mailboxes, task folders, calendars, conferences, arrangement and scheduling of general meetings and affairs, coordination of documents.

But times have changed. Microsoft Office Outlook is becoming increasingly popular among home users. And for lots of reasons. In my case it was the usage of communicators under OS Windows Mobile. There’d just got to be a way to synchronize data between a phone and a computer! And it looks like I was not alone with this issue. Outlook has become so popular that even for smartphones as Nokia there are solutions that help synchronize them with the Microsoft Office Outlook application.

The possibility of data sharing in Microsoft Outlook implies certain data protection and access control systems. I’ve been wanting to figure them out for quite a while now but never got to it. Let’s try and do that together by the example of Microsoft Outlook 2003.

YouTube Preview Image

It turns out that Outlook features two types of password protection:

* security access to email accounts, i.e. passwords to mailboxes (email account password);

* personal data security (pst file – pst password) – archived email messages of Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts and Outlook Task.

How do password protect my email account?

The access security function activates when you add in the profile the emails that you’ll access from your Outlook Mail. That would be an access password to the mail server assigned to process messages to/from the given email address. Each account has its own unique password. That is Outlook will contain as many passwords as there are accounts created in your Outlook Mail. The good thing is – once you set the password while adding another email to your Outlook Mail you don’t have to remember it. Outlook will do that for you and will use it to access the mailbox.

It is easily set. See the pics at passwordexperts.com

Or watch the video at at passwordexperts.com

How do password protect my personal data files (pst file)?

Personal data file (pst file) is where private data of all Outlook users are stored. Namely outgoing messages from Outlook Mail, notes from Outlook Contacts, events schedule from Outlook Calendar and finally to do lists from Outlook Tasks. Obviously Microsoft Outlook features a security mechanism to protect the file from unauthorized access – you are asked the password every time you launch Outlook. This type of passwords (pst password) is even more easily set than the previous one. Just have a look! See the pics at passwordexperts.com

See the video at passwordexperts.com

How to recover Outlook passwords

Another aspect that should be mentioned while speaking about Outlook passwords is their possibility to be recovered. What do you do if a password has been lost of forgotten and you can’t access your data? As it turned out – nothing serious happend. The methods used by password protection system are so weak that passwords, whether those protecting accounts or personal folders, are recovered in no time. Different password recovery solutions are abundant in the market. Here is a Atomic Outlook Password Recovery.

As it turned out Microsoft Office Outlook is not that scary at all. Though not flawless (for example, it has no native newsgroup reading feature), the application is a powerful tool for managing your mail, contacts, calendar and schedule. And most of its problems are quite soluble: the application supports different plug-ins and is open to other developers’ solutions. This is it! So quick and easy!

PasswordExperts.com is a resource dedicated to password protection issues: best software solutions, articles on usage of password. All materials are contributed by authors and developers involved in such projects as


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Outlook passwords. Details


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US Senate debates Rove and intelligence access

US Senate debates Rove and intelligence access
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Friday, July 15, 2005

GOP Senators voted down an amendment “To protect classified information and to protect our servicemen and women.”, attached to a “Department of Homeland Security Appropriations” Bill. The amendment would have revoked access to classified information from federal employees who disclose the information to unauthorized sources. This followed an attempt by Democratic Senators to strip White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove of his security clearance.

The amendment comes as George W. Bush declined to reaffirm his pledge to fire any official involved in the leaking of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame after documents subpoenaed by the U.S. Supreme Court named his chief advisor Karl Rove as a source of the leak.

In a press briefing on September 29th, 2004, White House spokesman Scott McClellan, in response to the question “Scott, has anyone — has the president tried to find out who outed the CIA agent? And has he fired anyone in the White House yet?”, stated that “The president has set high standards, the highest of standards for people in his administration. He’s made it very clear to people in his administration that he expects them to adhere to the highest standards of conduct. If anyone in this administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this administration.” [1] The next day, in a meeting with business people, George W. Bush said that “If somebody did leak classified information, I’d like to know it, and we’ll take the appropriate action.” [2] The New York Times [3] and The Washington Post [4] however, misrepresented Bush’s promise as a promise to fire only those administration officials who “knowingly” or “illegally” disclosed Plame’s identity.

In a press conference this Monday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan was asked if the president stood by his statements made in September 2003, in light of recent evidence that Karl Rove was involved in the leak. Scott McClellan declined to reaffirm this policy, citing an ongoing investigation.

Pressed to explain its statements of two years ago that Rove wasn’t involved in the leak, the White House refused to do so.

“If I were to get into discussing this, I would be getting into discussing an investigation that continues and could be prejudging the outcome of the investigation,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

The statements made by Scott McClellan two years ago were made during the investigation that continues and may have prejudiced the outcome of the investigation. When reporters asked McClellan to explain this inconsistency, McClellan gave the same response. When asked if the Administration was told not to discuss the investigation while it was ongoing after he claimed that Karl Rove was not involved in the leak, and not before, Scott McClellan gave the same response. [5]

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada added this amendment to the Bill:

“No federal employee who discloses or has disclosed classified information, including the identity of a covert agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, to a person not authorized to receive such information shall be entitled to hold a security clearance for access to such information.”

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., amended the amendment:

“…or any federal officeholder who makes reference to a classified Federal Bureau of Investigation report on the floor of the United States Senate, or any federal officeholder that makes a statement based on a FBI agent¹s comments which is used as propaganda by terrorist organizations thereby putting our servicemen and women at risk, shall not be permitted access to such information or to hold a security clearance for access to such information.”

The first part of this amendment was in response to Joe Wilson’s correction of George W. Bush’s representation of his and his associates’ intelligence assessment regarding uranium in Niger. The second was in response to recent criticism of the treatment of prisoners in detention facilities operated by the United States, most notably at Guantanamo Bay by officials including Senator Richard Durbin.

The Republican-controlled Senate ultimately voted down both amendments on July 14th.

House Representative Rush Holt, D-N.J., has introduced legislation for an investigation that would compel senior administration officials to turn over records relating to the Plame disclosure.

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Demonstrators protest Condoleezza Rice’s trip to Australia

Demonstrators protest Condoleezza Rice’s trip to Australia
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anti-war demonstrators in Sydney, Australia on Thursday dubbed U.S. Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice a “war criminal” and “murderer.” Two protesters were evicted and five people were arrested during protests against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Dr Rice, on a three-day trip to Australia, said she understood why people found it hard to be positive about Iraq when all they saw on their television screens was violence.

Soon after Rice began her speech at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, two protesters shouted from the rear of the auditorium, “Condoleezza Rice, you are a war criminal,” and “Iraqi blood is on your hands and you cannot wash that blood away.” Standing with their palms towards her, the young man and woman repeated their accusation until security intervened to remove them from the hall.

About 15 minutes into Rice’s address, a third protester appeared at a balcony door, interrupting her speech as she referred to freedom. “What kind of freedom are you talking about? You are a murderer,” said the demonstrator before he was quietly escorted from the hall. “I’m very glad to see that democracy is well and alive here at the university,” she said.

In her speech, Rice sought to justify the U.S. occupation of Iraq, describing Iraqis as now more free. One student asked about abuses committed by U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. She said the abuses had made her “sick to her stomach.” However, she defended Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where human rights groups say detainees are held in inhumane conditions and in detention flouting international laws.

Before Rice began her speech, about 50 protesters were gathered at the front gates of the Conservatorium. The group were confronted by police on horseback and by police dogs. Police used the horses to charge into the group of activists and push them back, as a police helicopter hovered.

A police spokeswoman said the group was blocking pedestrian access to the building and that police had spent more than 20 minutes warning them to move. The police then moved in and pushed the crowd back 20 metres. Police say five people have been charged with “hindering police in the execution of their duties.”

The “Stop the War Coalition” says Rice is a “war criminal” and is not welcome in Australia. The group’s spokeswoman, Anna Samson, says the protest is one of many planned in the lead-up to the third anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq on March 20.

Paddy Gibson, from the University of Sydney’s Student’s Council, says the protest is in opposition to the Iraq war, and to the use of the University of Sydney’s campus to host Rice, “the most powerful woman in the world,” who they say is a war criminal. “They’re saying, ‘… you’ve got Sydney Uni’s support to stand up and peddle your murderous hate speeches,’ which is what we see it,” he said.

“You’ve got 180,000 people killed, as we said, for no other reason than strategic control of the region’s oil resources. And the anti-Muslim racism that’s been whipped up to justify this war is being felt by Sydney University students,” said Mr Gibson.

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2006 U.S. Congressional Elections

2006 U.S. Congressional Elections
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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


  • 1 Issues
  • 2 Campaigns turn nasty
  • 3 Polling Problems
  • 4 Summaries by state
  • 5 Alabama
  • 6 Alaska
  • 7 Arizona
  • 8 Arkansas
  • 9 California
  • 10 Colorado
  • 11 Connecticut
  • 12 Delaware
  • 13 Florida
  • 14 Georgia
  • 15 Hawaii
  • 16 Idaho
  • 17 Illinois
  • 18 Indiana
  • 19 Iowa
  • 20 Kansas
  • 21 Kentucky
  • 22 Louisiana
  • 23 Maine
  • 24 Maryland
  • 25 Massachusetts
  • 26 Michigan
  • 27 Minnesota
  • 28 Mississippi
  • 29 Missouri
  • 30 Montana
  • 31 Nebraska
  • 32 Nevada
  • 33 New Hampshire
  • 34 New Jersey
  • 35 New Mexico
  • 36 New York
  • 37 North Carolina
  • 38 North Dakota
  • 39 Ohio
  • 40 Oklahoma
  • 41 Oregon
  • 42 Pennsylvania
  • 43 Rhode Island
  • 44 South Carolina
  • 45 South Dakota
  • 46 Tennessee
  • 47 Texas
  • 48 Utah
  • 49 Vermont
  • 50 Virginia
  • 51 Washington
  • 52 West Virginia
  • 53 Wisconsin
  • 54 Wyoming
  • 55 American Samoa
  • 56 District of Columbia
  • 57 Guam
  • 58 Virgin Islands
  • 59 Sources

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), John Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.

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Pick Up Good Looking Women 3 Tips For Success}

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Pick Up Good Looking Women – 3 Tips For Success



Having the ability to date stunning women isn’t as tough as most males presume it to be. When it comes to dating and women, these very simple but highly-effective dating strategies can help you find your perfect girl.

Why is it that specific guys have a lot more good fortune with women compared to others? In absolute honest truth and simple fact, it’s not about sculpted biceps and ripped pecs. Certainly women love an amazing bod, however , guys who obsess about this are a turn off – just ask almost any woman! Women are generally fascinated by guys for various reasons, and being rich or good looking is not always one of them. Subtlety combined with charm are two important elements you need to keep in mind in order to earn the affection of attractive women.

Women Love The Chase.

Why is it that we typically seem to want what we can not have? Males value a woman’s character whenever she presents as a challenge. Let her know you’ve spotted her and you are intrigued, as well as the same time make the situation apparent that she is in no way your main priority. This concept comes back to ‘wanting what you can’t have.’ This makes her fascinated and curious about you, therefore the more you play the game, the more she’ll want to get to know you.

Learn How To Flirt.

It’s a very competitive environment these days for single males. As tough as it is nevertheless, few males are able to flirt and succeed. When you break it down, flirting is only a bit of relaxed and jovial fun and some women think it’s great whenever a man can flirt competently. Flirting is essentially offering her a compliment, she will think that you are charming and humorous – a fantastic combination! Furthermore, you’ll be letting her find out there’s something you find alluring about her. An excellent flirt also conveys to the girl he is self-assured and has the ability to quickly relate with her.

Clothes Make The Man!

By this I basically suggest to dress well. But it doesn’t suggest you have to blow a several months earnings on Italian Gucci designer clothes. Women do however take notice of men who take pride in their visual appearance as well as have a great fashion sense and taste. Not only does this help you become more desirable, you are going to feel and look confident when it comes to mingling and flirting.

Becoming highly effective with dating and women does not come naturally for most people. It truly is however a skill that can be learned and perfected. There are many online dating sites recommendations obtainable so when you’re feeling in a position to undertake the challenge the internet stands out as the perfect source to engage.

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Pick Up Good Looking Women – 3 Tips For Success }

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Wikinews interviews India’s first female Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik

Wikinews interviews India’s first female Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wikinews on Sunday interviewed Deepa Malik, India’s first female Paralympic medalist, who won the silver medal in the Women’s Shot Put F53 event finals, at the 2016 Summer Paralympics being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Malik lost the gold medal to Bahrain’s Fatema Nedham, who had the best throw 4.76 metres, setting a new regional record in paralympic women’s shot put.

Arriving in Rio, Malik had initial trouble due to the airline losing her luggage; it didn’t all arrive until three days later: clothes, opening ceremony outfit and equipment including competition belts.

In early August there was a possibly that Malik might lose her spot on the Indian team going to Rio, with fellow female para athlete Karam Jyoti challenging Malik’s selection and the Sport’s Authority of Indian’s selection process at the High Court of Delhi. The high court ruled against the plaintiff.

Both of these events occurred against the wider backdrop of the Paralympic Committee of India being suspended by the International Paralympic Committee. The Sports Authority of India took final authority over the Paralympic Committee of India for sending a team to Rio, with agreement from the International Paralympic Committee; this arrangement allowed India to compete under their own flag at the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

((Wikinews)) Congratulations on your result.

Deepa Malik: Thank you so much.

((WN)) Even though you are currently waiting in terms of the end result of the protest.

DM: Absolutely, but I’m happy with my performance, I’m happy that I could improve and I could prove myself, there were a lot of questions back home on my selection and on my hard work. My single-minded focus that I had put into this journey of being a Paralympian. Well, I am just so anxious about the results.

((WN)) So how much did the court case and KLM losing your luggage impact on your preparations and your result today?

DM: Yes, but I’m happy that my husband was my coach here, and, so, I had huge moral support in terms of keeping my mind and everything in peace. Most of the equipment was available in the gym, we had to alter the training a bit like the throw days couldn’t happen, so we instead exercised. No, I think that is what sports teaches you, you can’t live on excuses, I never lived on excuses.

((WN)) You work around things.

DM: Yes, that’s what we do, that’s what a sportsman is suppose to do, rise again, and then fall and rise, and run, and I did exactly that.

((WN)) What message should other Indian women take away from your participation and result in Rio?

DM: This is going to be the first female medal that India would have ever won in Paralympics and as it is I’m working aggressively towards transforming this entire concept of empowerment for the women, especially the women in disabilities in my country. So I’m really happy that this medal give my voice more value, more strength, and I’ll be able to impact even more, though on the ninth of September the Prime Minister’s jury has awarded me with the award of Women Transforming India, I’m so happy that within three days of getting that award, I have added another feather to it and proved that yes this journey of ability beyond disability. And not just disability, this is a universal message that if women put their minds to their dreams they can balance it; age, gender, disability, is all a state of mind. If you put your passion and hard work, you can get it, and in the Indian scenario were they say infrastructure is a challenge, women participation that are taboo, religiously and psychologically, disabilities taken as a curse, dependability[?] increases because of lack of infrastructure, well, time to get rid of the excuses. We have to start erasing the excuses and believe your own self and that’s the message I’m carrying with all the activities that I do whether it is car rallying, motorbiking or swimming across a river, every record or every unique activity that I’ve undertaken and just below paralysis has been aimed at changing the stereotypical image of a women and also a women in disability. ?

((WN)) Will you and your daughter both be trying to represent India at the 2020 Games in Tokyo?

DM: I’m very sure about myself, but my daughter, though, she’s a Paralympian, yes, which again was considered a huge taboo in my society that oh my god both the mother and the daughter both have a physical disability, what is going to happen to these two, but we did good and she is working as a youth council representative in the Commonwealth countries, for the Paralympics specially, and her work though her foundation called Wheeling Happiness has earned her the young leader award from the Queen of England, so I guess her focus is now shifting to more on community service and empowering others and not just herself. And she is leaving on first of October to Loughborough to do her PhD doctorate programme in disability sports psychology, I’m very sure Loughborough is going to give her a huge amount of sports [inaudible] but how much time she going to decide to devote to sports and studies is her decision entirely. That’s her dream, her journey. 

((WN)) How helpful was the Sports Authority of India in preparing and supporting your Rio ambitions??

DM: I think 100 per cent, because the biggest challenge we have back home is a customised training, or the infrastructure for that matter, so we were given the ability and the funds to train the way we wanted to train, and the funds were huge which were given to us, out accommodation, food, diet, physical therapist, psychologist, trainer, gym, everything was paid for, and customised, you want it and they give it. So I guess this was easy financially this time, because every expenses was taken care of, my husband could also take a sabbatical from his job and join my journey, and having him twenty-four seven and coaching me because he himself is an athlete, and have the best diet and counselling. I think it’s worked wonders, so I give shout out and a huge applaud.

((WN)) How important was it for you to have a carer in Rio?

DM: Yes, again we really have to appreciate the sports authority of India and also Paralympic Committee of India, which is going to start to function post-Rio in India. They were very very quick, they were very very adamant in giving the wheelchair people escorts. And I need help twenty four seven, I’m just below paralysed so it was really huge, emotionally, mentally, psychically training-wise, every way I think the situation was perfect.

((WN)) Thank you for your time.

DM: Thank you.

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Fall ’08 styles at New York Fashion Week: the ’70s are back

Fall ’08 styles at New York Fashion Week: the ’70s are back
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The fourth day of New York Fashion Week debuted few daring designs even from designers known for such work. With few exceptions, the overwhelming theme was “old is new” and that the ’70s were even more in fashion than the shows on Sunday suggested. Among the designers to unveil their Fall 2008 lines on Monday were Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson, Proenza Schouler and a rejuvenated Halston line, under the direction of designer Marco Zanini.

Both global warming and the slowing economy have been cited as reasons for the overwhelming use of lighter fabrics over heavier attire. Also, retro designs and continuing trends have been used in effort to save money, like the tights that were expected to go out of fashion this year. Even in the glamorous world of high-end fashion, money has been tight, and with the world economies in a collective downturn, major designers have been more wary of continuing to churn out the stream of couture designs that past Fashion Weeks have seen.

Proenza Schouler’s show took the ’70s retro theme to a fever pitch, liberally using bows on designs and debuting more retro-era wide-legged pants that were first seen in Sunday’s shows. Zanini’s Halston label also brought back the ’70s, resurrecting old designs that the founder of the line made famous. Since the designer Halston’s death in 1990, many designers have tried to take the label in different directions. Zanini’s unveiling on Monday brought the line back to its Studio 54 roots, while using trenchcoats, sheer fabrics, and cardigans to finish the ensembles with a modern twist.

Betsey Johnson also debuted old and new styles on Monday, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her fashion label. Copies of her original 1978 one-piece bathing suit as well as some early 1980s fashions started off the show. Her new pieces, such as animal print leggings coupled with a short twill jacket, were perceived as very skintight and criticized for not representing more fuller figures. Johnson brushed off the criticism, noting, “It’s tighter and sexier, but I still believe the girl brings the sex to the clothes…You won’t look sexy in a tight, below-the-knee skirt if you don’t feel good in it.”

The lone daring designer for the day was Carolina Herrera, who discarded the furs she promoted in the Fall 2007 show to focus on a Peter Pan theme, with earth tones and bird feathers. To further the “flying Peter Pan” motif, models donned such designs as a chiffon dress with ostrich feathers and a taffeta gown with a feather waistband.

Oscar de la Renta opted for more traditional blacks, golds and grays, debuting lines for men and women in fabrics he is familiar with. Men were outfitted in tweed while women were fitted in dresses that experimented with embroidery and tulle, both shades of past collections.

New York Fashion Week runs until Friday. Among others, labels Badgley Mischka, Diesel, and Vivienne Tam unveil their newest collections on Tuesday.

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Dont Get Punched In The Face Without Your Optimization}

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Submitted by: Eddie SanMarco

Millions of dollars are spent annually by companies whose online marketing strategy includes reaching out to attract new customers via e-mail shots, rich media advertising, pay-per-click and even old-fashioned banner advertising. But there is another class of marketer who is spending significantly less by focusing on letting their prospects reach out to them instead.

These are the companies that understand the secret of how business is really being conducted on the web these days, and that secret is: Search Engines.

Recent studies show that 85% of Internet users depend upon search engines to help them locate web sites selling the products or services that they are looking for. Companies who have built their web pages using search engine optimization best practices are finding that search engine-driven visitors are more likely to convert to paying customers than any other type of prospect.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, search engine optimization is a hot topic these days, but not every online marketing agency understands how it works. There are far too many supposed “SEO Experts” who think that they can fool Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other big search engines into giving their clients the coveted “Top 10” ranking by using what Google calls “Black Arts”. While doing search optimization wrong might result in a temporary pop in rank, most sites get banned from the search engines altogether once they get caught.

That’s why businesses need to rely upon experts that practice what is called natural search engine optimization services. The term “natural” refers to a process where each web page is legally optimized to the particular search engine that the online marketing agency is targeting.

One of the best ways to optimize a page is to include content containing key words that are relevant to the products or services being offered.

For example, if the goal is get a top rating for an Arizona SEO Company that offers natural search engine optimization services, they might craft some content that read like this:

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It takes more than just good key words to get the job done, but copy like the example above is a great place to start.

About the Author:

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Indonesian authorities investigate after pornographic film screened on billboard in Jakarta

Indonesian authorities investigate after pornographic film screened on billboard in Jakarta
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Authorities in Indonesia initiated an investigation after a pornographic film was illicitly screened on a 24-square-meter (roughly 260-square-foot) LED billboard in the capital city of Jakarta on Friday, in full view of rush hour commuters.

The film, depicting a couple engaged in explicit sexual activity, appeared on the screen for several minutes — five, according to BBC News — during which time passerby took the opportunity to film the display and upload it onto the Internet. Following complaints to the South Jakarta Communications and Information Agency, authorities cut power to the billboard at about 2:45 p.m. to stop the screening.

According to a report on Saturday by Agence France-Presse, the film, identified as Japanese erotica titled Watch Tokyo Hot, was believed to have been transmitted to the billboard by a personal computer. Awi Setiyono, head of public relations for the police, said the investigative team for the incident includes a cyber crime unit, with the intention of determining whether the billboard was hacked.

Lestari Ady Wiryono, head of public information for South Jakarta, stated “The South Jakarta administration takes this matter seriously”. She said on Friday she had no information on the culprits or the source of the film. “We received the report and we immediately severed the electricity to there”, she said according to the Daily Mirror.

The billboard, located in close proximity to the office of the South Jakarta mayor, is owned by PT. Matapena Komunika Advertama, a private company, while content screened on it is the responsibility of PT. Transito Adiman Jati Transito Adverstising, according to The Jakarta Post. According to Lestari, following the incident, staff from her office along with the investigating cyber crime unit visited PT. Transito’s offices to gather information relating to the affected billboard.

The Indonesian government blocks access to pornographic websites in the country, whilst also subjecting scenes of romance in public broadcasts to heavy censorship. Under a 2015 decree, the government subjects content shown on billboards to standards of “public ethics, aesthetics, public order, decency, security and the environment”.

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Choosing The Best Outdoor Furniture}

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Submitted by: Bartholomew Micajah

Garden Furniture

Watching your kids play, enjoying tea or coffee and chatting with your loved ones are the best moments that life has to offer. To add to the enjoyment you must have the right garden furniture. The time you spend outdoors will determine the right size and material for your garden. The next thing that will play a major role in selecting the right garden furniture will be your budget. Your budget will decide on the material of your furniture.


Today resin is the most demanded material for outdoor furniture mainly because of its durability. Its maintenance is very easy and is light weight too. Anyone can move the furniture from one place to another. It can be cleaned quickly and without hassle. Be it any stain or painting marks; all can be cleaned from resin patio furniture. Its ability to withstand UV rays for long hours is an added advantage. Resin garden furniture looks very elegant yet stylish.

Garden Sofa Sets

Sofa sets are the best type of resin garden furniture. We all love having conversation with our loved ones under the open sky and to enjoy these conversations and cherish them for a lifetime you should have the best outdoor sofa sets. These sofa sets let you enjoy each and every moment you spend with your family or friends. They are comfortable and trendy and give your garden a look that you could only imagine.

This resin patio furniture is ready whenever you want it. They are sturdy and durable and do not get damaged despite of being exposed to sunlight for long hours. This kind of resin garden furniture need not be moved indoors when the weather gets harsh as they have the ability to bear the harshest weather.

Garden Loveseats

Garden loveseats are another type of resin patio furniture. These are also regarded as one of the best resin garden furniture. They bring style and fashion to your garden and make it look voguish. Loveseats are 2 seat sofa sets. They are popular because they are regarded as the best furniture for outdoor. Loveseats can be purchased while keeping in view your budget and liking.

The quality of garden loveseats is unmatched. It is one of the best resin patio furniture. Because it is made of resin it has a lot of advantages. It is durable, easy to maintain and clean, light weight and invulnerable to sunlight even if exposed for long hours. They only demand good care.

Available in different styles

Resin patio furniture is available in a lot of different colors and designs. The color you would choose will depend on your liking or on the color of your other outdoor furniture, if you have any, or on the color of your indoor furniture. Outdoor sofa sets and loveseats are meant to maximize your comfort so do not compromise on the quality of the furniture. Make sure that you buy the most stylish yet elegant design and are not fooled by the shopkeeper on the quality.

Resin Patio Furniture

Sofa sets and loveseats are the best outdoor furniture for your garden. They will add beauty and elegance to it. All you need to do is to make sure that you get the right furniture in terms of its size, material and price. Once you buy it take good care of it because you outdoor furniture is such an investment which you would not be making time and often.

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Outdoor Furniture May 17th 2017